Reiten comes out victorious of the opening round of SNX in Turkiye

KAYSERI-ERCIYES (Turkiye) 11 March 2024 – In the heart of Turkiye, the Snowcross World Championship heated up with thrilling battles in Kayseri-Erciyes for a final racing day that heightened rivalries. With the two final races of the Turkish round, 10,000 spectators were treated to a complete show of speed, skill, and determination. In the end it was the American Jesse Kirchmeyer who manage to get on the top step of the podium for the first round of the season.

With an action-pack qualifying racing day on Saturday the 16 riders qualified for the final showdown of the weekend were ready to make all their effort from the qualifying heats count.

Final 1:
The race kicked off with anticipation as Jesse Kirchmeyer, seized the holeshot, his machine slicing through the snow to keep the lead. However, his lead was soon challenged by Ole-Herman Sjorgen, who wasted no time in applying pressure from behind, as he kept pushing. Meanwhile, the formidable Magnus Reiten maintained a close third, biding his time for a moment to strike. Midway through the heat, Reiten’s snowmobile surged, to overtake Sjorgen and engaged in a tough battle for the lead with Kirchmeyer. Reiten ultimately settled for second place, with Kirchmeyer showcasing composure as he crossed the finish line victorious, securing a crucial early advantage in the championship standings.


  1. Jesse Kirchmeyer (USA / POLARIS 600)
  2. Magnus Reiten (NOR / LYNX 600)
  3. Ole-Herman Sjorgen (AUS / BRP LYNX 600 RS)

Final 2:
As the second heat started, Kirchmeyer once again asserted his dominance by seizing the holeshot. His snowmobile propelled him off the line with blistering speed. However, lurking just behind him was Reiten’s 999 machine, a persistent force in the field, determined to challenge Kirchmeyer for supremacy. Not far behind, Elias Bacher showcased a good start, positioning himself third in the intense race for the podium. As the laps went on and the tension rose, Reiten unleashed an impressive assault, pushing his machine to the limits as he closed the gap with Kirchmeyer. With three laps remaining, Reiten executed a bold attack, capitalising on a rare opening to surge past Kirchmeyer and claim the lead. As the checkered flag waved, Reiten emerged victorious, clinching the overall weekend victory and asserting his place at the top of the the first podium of the 2024 SNX World Championship while Kirchmeyer, thanks to his Qualifying Race prowesses moves to the top of the Championship before moving on to the last two Scandinavian rounds.


  1. Magnus Reiten (NOR / LYNX 600)
  2. Jesse Kirchmeyer (USA / POLARIS 600)
  3. Elias Bacher (AUS / LYNX 600)


  1. Magnus Reiten (NOR / LYNX 600)
  2. Jesse Kirchmeyer (USA / POLARIS 600)
  3. Elias Bacher (AUS / LYNX 600)

Magnus Reiten:
After final 1 I was very frustrated. I saw that I had a chance and potential to be first but I was just not able to overtake Jesse (Kirchmeyer). I came into the paddock and promised to myself, that I will give everything into race 2. And I just did. I believe second round in Finland will be difficult as not only Jesse but also many Scandinavian riders will come with the same goal to win.”
Jesse Kirchmeyer:
“Track here in Turkiye was very icy with deep snow. We are not used to dive on snow like this, so for everyone it was a new experience. Victory was close, but Magnus took it. I will now do my best for the next two rounds to get the red plate.”

Elias Bacher:
“It was a successful weekend for me as I came to Turkiye with an injury not completely healed. I dislocated my shoulder 3 weeks ago and I still feel it. I liked it here in Kayseri, the atmosphere was great as well as the competition and racing”

Head Photo: SNX Turkiye Start
Main Photo: Magnus Reiten

2024 SNX, Turkiye – SNX World Championship – Overall Classification

2024 SNX, Turkiye – SNX World Championship Classification

All the SNX riders will now get prepared for the next two FIM SNX Scandinavian rounds in April to get their hand on the mighty 2024 trophy. They will be joined by the FIM Women’s Snowcross World Championship and the European Snowcross Championship.

Joensuu, Finland – 13-14th April
Kirkenes, Norway – 19-20th April

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