Defending Champions Pihlaja and Cottew continue their dominance at the round in Finland while Mikalsen wins in ESNX 

JOENSUU (Finland) 15 April 2024 – The FIM Snowcross World Championship roared into action in Joensuu, Finland, as top riders battled it out for supremacy on the snow-covered track. Defending FIM SNX World Champion Aki Pihlaja made it clear about his intention to rider at the top while FIM Women’s SNX World Defending Champion Malene Cottew dominated her races.
Emil Mikalsen displayed an inspiring display to rise above the pack in the FIM Europe Snowcross European Championship. with a flawless 1-1.

FIM Snowcross World Championship

As the gate dropped for Race 1, Aki Pihlaja stormed to the holeshot, only to be swiftly overtaken by Emil Hansson, who surged into the lead. With the top four riders fiercely battling it out, the race became a great spectacle, with any outcome possible. In the end, it was Emil Hansson who emerged victorious, crossing the finish line ahead of Pihlaja and Magnus Reiten, in a thrilling display.
The start of Race 2 was nothing short of exciting, as Aki Pihlaja once again secured the holeshot, while Emil Hansson found himself stuck in the first corner with other rdiers. However, an act of sportsmanship unfolded as despite the urgency, Hansson showcased incredible fair-play as he helped Aki Persson along the way showing the amazing spirit of SNX. 
Pihlaja quickly pulled away from the pack, ultimately clinching victory with an impressive 16-second lead over red plate holder Jesse Kirchmeyer.
With an impressive win under his belt, Aki Pihlaja claimed the top spot on the podium, followed by Emil Hansson in second place and Jesse Kirchmeyer in third. The podium celebration marked a triumphant end to the races in Joensuu, setting the stage for an exciting final round of the Championship in Kirkenes, Norway. With the title of FIM SNX World Champion still up for the taking for several riders such as Reiten and Kirchmeyer who are both at 99 points after this round, the conclusion of the season promises to be very exciting. 




FIM Women’s Snowcross World Championship

Race 1 kicked off with a dramatic start as a red flag required a restart. In the second attempt, Jenny Lundstrom surged ahead, claiming the holeshot and early lead, followed closely by Wilma Jonsson and Malene Cottew. However, after five minutes of intense racing, Malene Cottew asserted her dominance, seizing the lead and extending the gap to secure a commanding victory for the remainder of the race.
As the Race 2 began, Malene Cottew wasted no time in grabbing the holeshot this time. However, the start was marred by three snowmobiles veering off the track, including Kelly Collier, Mila Nevalainen, and Pernille Andersen. Local favourite Saga Forsell found herself in second place, determined to keep pace with Cottew’s impressive speed. Although Forsell fought valiantly to maintain her position, a battle with Lundstrom caused her sled to slide sideways on a corner, ultimately allowing Lundstrom to claim second place, with Wilma Jonsson securing third and Saga Forsell finishing fourth.

The podium saw huge favourite Malen Cottew respecting her rank at the top of the podium with a perfect weekend and marking maximum points. She will wear the Red Plate in Norway for the final round. Second on the podium was Jenny Lundstrom with Wilma Jonsson rounding up the podium after very solid performances for both riders. 



FIM Europe Snowcross European Championship 

In the European Snowcross Championship held in Finland, Norwegian rider Emil Mikalsen asserted his dominance with a flawless performance, clinching victory in both races and securing the coveted Red Plate. 
Mikalsen’s impeccable 1-1 finish showcased his skill and determination, firmly establishing him as the one to beat in the competition for the next round in Norway where he will get the advantage of competing in front of his home fans. Following closely behind was the impressive Swedish contender, Mille Anderson, who delivered consistent performances throughout the weekend with a strong 2-2 result. 
Completing the podium was another Swedish rider, Alfred Gunnarson, who showcased his tenacity by securing a 4-3 finish, narrowly edging out Olle Sahlstrom to claim the third spot on the podium. The Finnish round of the championship provided thrilling racing action and set the stage for an exciting second and final round in Kirkenes, Norway. 


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